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These are the sort of dark brooding skies that most pilots stay well clear of and have a strong sense of relief when back on the ground. Sinziana was determined to brave the storms and go air racing in Royal Aero Club Bleriot race at Abbeville/France. They flew from North Weald but were forced to stopover at Rochester airfield. The next morning was incredible. Blue sky, perfect and they arrived just on time for refuelling and racing. I recommend a look at her blog.

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Cessna 195, G-BBYE built 1950, Jacobs radial engine R-755-9: 245 hp

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P40, flown by Ray Hanna in number of air races.

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Pilots Pet, Hungarian Vizsla Natalya Nightwitch, has logged 245 hours, P2 of course and because she’s a pointer she’s good for navigation, she’s also flown in the Kings Cup Air Race.

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Peter Hunters beautiful red F.8L Falco, Race 13 at Elstree.

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Twin, North American B-25 Mitchell was named in honor of General Billy Mitchell, a pioneer of U.S. military aviation and air racing pilot.

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Wouldn’t you smile as well, Terry and Denis off for some fun in a JP5.

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