Great Green Bush Cricket Tettigonia viridissima

IMG_7484 green grasshopper or is it a cricket


~ by starflight on July 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Great Green Bush Cricket Tettigonia viridissima”

  1. I have a CD project I’m calling “Cricket” and would like to get your permission to use this photo, probably in the booklet containing lyrics and credits. Would you be so kind as to let me know if I could use it? I would, of course give you credit for the photo if it was used.

    • I am a member of Nature Tech. Research Consortium (represented by Prof. Emile H. Ishida of Tohoku Univ. of Japan), which mission is to promote environmentally- benign technologies and lifestyles leant from Nature. The Consortium is a not-for-profit group of researchers from universities and research institute.

      We are very inspired by your photo , “Great Green Bush cricket” put on your website ( and would like to ask for your permission for us to show it our educational website “Showroom of Natural Wonders” ( Our website, launched on April 2006, will show inspiring examples of “natural wonders” that can potentially change our technologies. On the website, we would like to show the photo, if we can have your permission.

      If you could grant us permission, we will make sure to insert your credit.

      If this meets your approval, please let us know your will.
      if you find any concern, we would be glad if you could kindly let us know as soon as allowed

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