Free French PR Spitfire, Commandant Rene Mouchotte, 5 kills

IMG_3827 blue spit 5 kills


~ by starflight on June 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “Free French PR Spitfire, Commandant Rene Mouchotte, 5 kills”

  1. Could you tell me where Rene Mouchotte’s Spitfire is please?

    • Hi Ian. It seems like there has been a delay in sending or receiving this comment, as we have already been in contact recently. The good thing is it has prompted me to write. I have thought a lot about the film project that Jan and yourself are involved with and I look forward to seeing it. If you feel I am able to help in anyway please let me know as I know a number of people in flying circles that may assist you. John Blake who is a mine of information is a friend, so is Ken Ellis of Flypast, he was my navigator for three years when I raced my Pup, another is Phil O’Dell of Rolls Royce but you probably know all of these, if it would help I could reacquaint myself with these for you. I also have a friend; a writer who has been commissioned to interview and write a book about the ATA Spitfire ladies not part of your remit I know but interesting just the same, I am sure I can get you or Jan or both a copy if would like to review it or my wife Susie’s (Kelly is her writing name) new book about France our trip around the Champagne district, by cycle and Marie Antoinette, electronic or paper.
      I have tried to find the negs of my spitfire picture no joy yet but if you do need them I will look again. Meanwhile my best wishes to Jan and yourself. Terry Hiscock

  2. Dear Terry,

    I just came across this tonight, so apologies for not responding sooner. Jan and i did two editions of BBC’s Inside Out about Mouchotte. One for the “southern Counties and one for the midland (Northern England) counties. Jan has just got back from Gibraltar this week as she was guest of honour in the renaming of the RAF HQ there to “Mouchotte House”. I built an exhibition about him which is still on display in Kensington for the France Libre and whilst Jan was in Gib I was in France again working on another angle with some of our other colleagues – we are back again next week. An ex ATA pilot came to see me at the Museum last week. He is one of the last members of the ATA Assoc and they are looking to us to help with their records as, apparently we have the largest collection of ATA artrefacts, records and uniforms (including a 1943 ATA Fairchild Argos).
    Lots of French air force things going on at the moment and especially with the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in York next July. Best wishes,

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